5 Cool Devices That Can Be Controlled Through Wifi

Technology is moving fast these days and the devices you can control with WiFi is pretty surprising.
With today’s advancing technology there are so many handy devices that are going to allow you to be connected on a whole new level.

1. Google Home Hub

This device is similar to the Amazon Echo. This device is able to be connected to over 5,000 devices. Plus, it is able to be connected with over four hundred different brands. Through wifi and smart devices you are able to control many features in your home including:
  • Lights
  • Thermostat
  • Security Cameras and More
To access this feature all that needs to be said to access this device is “Hey Google” and then you ask it to do what you want it to. You can use this device to make reminders, check the weather, check on traffic, and much more. This device has a seven-inch display for all your needs. The resolution is great so that photos can be shown across the device.

2. IRobot Roomba i7+

This is a smart vacuum that is a leader in the industry. With each new model, there are advancements. The best feature of this new Roomba is that it can empty the bin when it is full by itself. The device empties itself when it is docked into a disposable bag. This bag will be full after thirty empties from the device. This means that you will only have to change this bag about once a month.
The Roomba features dual rubber rollers, two treads, a side brush, drop sensors, and a dustbin. Plus, it is voice controlled with either Google Assistant or Alexa. Voice control can be downloaded onto the smartphone. Plus, you can customize the path the vacuum will take when cleaning the home. This allows the Roomba to avoid stairs or skip rooms if needed. This device only works when connected to the WIFI.

3. Amazon Echo Plus – 2nd Generation

This is the latest version of the Amazon Echo. This device will allow you to access Alexa to search the internet, ask any questions you may have, and use its other skills. This device has over 50,000 programmable skills to ensure your life is made easy. It is also able to control smart items in the home such as thermostats and light switches.
Just because the echo is small, does not mean it does not have an excellent sound. The speaker provides a room-filling sound so that it is great for parties and other get-togethers. The echo will come in gray, off-white, or even black. With this new sleek design, it will fit with any home décor.

4. Amazon Echo Input

This device is slim and connects to the WIFI. Plus, it will plug into any existing speaker system you may have. This gives your speaker system the ability to use the functions of Alexa. It can connect with Bluetooth or an aux jack. It is very small and only has three major components; a microphone, input button, and an LED light.
This device allows you to turn your amazing speaker system into an Alexa enabled system with ease. Plus, it is budget friendly and runs off your normal WIFI.

5. Ring Stick-Up Cam

This deceive is a small doorbell that is smart. It uses video surveillance and WIFI to alert you to any possible issues that may arise around your home. However, this particular Ring Security Camera is meant to be used anywhere. It can be put anywhere there is a flat surface.
It allows you to talk to people on the other end and see them on your smart device. It also allows for motion activated sensors and many different power options.
So that’s 5 cool devices you can control with WiFi.