6 Email Hacks To Boost Productivity at Work

Many people use email on a daily basis, this is especially true if you work in an office setting. Plus, many people are using Google email as their platform. Do you use the tools provided in the email settings to boost your productivity?
Most people don’t but I have the secrets for you.
To make sure that you are working as well as you should be you should make sure your internet connection is strong. Wireless internet has been known to be weaker if you are farther away from the router. Plus, some materials make certain rooms dead zones to the internet.

1. Unsend an Already Sent Email

Many people send emails or forward them and they do not mean to. In fact, according to a study done by AOL, 32 percent of people accidentally forwarded an email that was not meant to be. However, you can undo this to help save your butt and possibly your career.
Many email providers will allow you to unsend a sent email if you do it within thirty seconds of it being sent. All you need to do is to go into your settings page of your account and enable your undo send button. You can change the time period in which you would like to be able to unsend a message as well.

2. Get Emails All in One Tab

All of us hate switching between tabs, so why do we do it? You can now see all your emails such as promotional and social in one inbox. This hack will allow all the different tabs of your email to be in your primary inbox. For this to be done, all you need to do it go to your settings and click on the tab that states inbox. Then, simply uncheck the social and other tabs.

3. Use More Tabs

Some people are complete opposites of the above. If you like more organization and more tabs you can do this as well. This will make emails more organized.

4. Self-Destruct Your Email

You can now have your emails destruct after a certain time period. This will ensure that your email is read by who it was meant to be read by and not able to be forwarded. For this to be activated, look for a padlock located near the send button. Click this padlock before sending an email.

5. Send Your Emails with Verification Code

When this is applied to an email, a person cannot open it until they have received a verification code via SMS. You will be sending this code to them so that they can open the mail. This is going to provide an extra sense of security if you are sending important and private mail.

6. Use Keyboard Alternatives

If you are checking your email on a mobile laptop or on a computer, you are able to use shortcuts to boost productivity. There are a few hacks that are universal for most emails that can be used for better and faster access to emails.
  • You can use the N key to read your next message and the P key to go back to the previous message. This applies to someone reading a conversation that has multiple messages.
  • You can also use the control key and enter at the same time to send your message quicker rather than using your mouse.
Now you are ready to take on the world of email with your new hacks to boost your productivity. You will be faster and get a lot more work done at a faster pace. Not to mention, your work can be more private and secure.