6 Things You Should Never Do Online

We all pretty much surf the internet on a daily basis. However, many people do things that may be unsafe not only for the individual but also their family or personal information could be at risk as well. I put together a list of 5 things you should never do online if you want to stay safe online.
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1. Fall Victim to Posts and Videos

There are many people making fake videos and posts or hoaxes. In fact, with the right wording and photo editing, a person can convince a lot of people that something bad has happened or that a hack can be done. However, when someone goes to try the hack it will destroy the item.
There have been many hoaxes throughout the internet, many of them on your favorite social media websites. People post these fake articles to make other people fall for it and feel a certain way.
It is hard to tell the difference between a hoax and the truth but if something on the internet seems out of place or shocking, do a little research before believing the whole story.

2. Skip Setting Up the Two-Factor Authentication

This authentication may throw a person for a loop because it may seem complicated. However, if a site is password protected and has the two-step authentication, there is much lower chance it can be hacked. Plus, on many major sites such as Amazon and Google, if a password reset is requested, a code will be sent to the phone number on the account. This makes it much more difficult and  near impossible for a hacker. Not to mention, many websites tell a person about suspicious login activity. It only takes a few minutes to set up so do not skip this on any website.

3. Use the Same Password for Different Sites

Passwords used when computers were first made were simple and did not need much thought. However, nowadays passwords are complex and need to be because people are hacking accounts. Even though creating long and ridiculous passwords is a hassle, it will not be once someone tries to hack the account and they cannot access it because of the strong password. Plus, if someone were to hack an account, they could get into all accounts if the same password is used.

4. Sync Social Media Accounts

With so many social media accounts it is difficult to keep track of them all. However, many people manage all social media accounts on a single platform. People often use one platform and send messages to other platforms even though they are very different. One platform for several types of social media may cause easy access for a hacker.

5. Using Public Wi-Fi in a Risky Fashion

Many people simply log onto public Wi-Fi without any second thought. But it is important to remain conscious that sometimes people can see your information on these public networks. In today’s society its pretty unrealistic to stay completely off a public open WiFI network. But when you do access them just be careful of the information you are transmitting. Be especially careful of logging into your bank account or any other sites with extremely sensitive information. We recommend leaving all your online duties that have important information to do at home or on a secured network because you never know when you could be next.
So, that’s 5 things you should not be doing when surfing the web. Make sure to stay safe out there!