8 Apps To Organize Your Life

Sometimes, even though people hate to admit it, life is messy. Organization and keeping track or even staying on track is hard with endless things to do. It is easy to feel lost in the clutter of life without organization. Plus, if the information is kept scattered it makes it more difficult to figure out what needs to be done.
Luckily, with today's technological advancements, there are many apps that can be downloaded onto a smartphone to help keep a person organized and on track with their busy lives. I put together a list of my favorite 8 apps to not only help with organization, but they also help with productivity.

1. EverNote

This is a note-taking app that helps with organization as well as productivity. It can be used with just one person or a group of people can edit one document. This helps with to-do lists, note taking at work or at home, research, photos, and so much more. It even allows collaboration with all Google apps so that all are easy to navigate and provide great task management.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a great way to create lists and receive reminders. A person can make a grocery list and set a reminder to pick up the groceries on their way home. Reminders and alarms can be set for certain times to ensure the task gets done.
The app can also be used with multiple people which comes in handy for work projects and even school projects.

3. Trello

This app is designed to be the bulletin board but without all the clutter and mess. No more sticky notes. This app allows a person to make due dates, color code items, archive items, and even set reminders. This is able to be used by one person or by multiple. Working on this app with a team is useful because it helps keep deadlines in order. Plus, there is an automatic reminder that occurs three days before an event or due date.

4. Pocket

Ever find a great thing online but there is no time to read it at this moment? Now, it is able to be saved to be read later. This app is an extension of the browser that allows for videos, pictures, and articles to be pocketed. This means it is available to view in the app offline.

5. Unroll me

This app makes it easier to keep emails organized. This app allows a person to unsubscribe to all the junk mail with a simple click. Not to mention it also allows all subscriptions to be in a single email instead of ten different ones. Plus, it keeps space open and the inbox clutter free for important emails.

6. Hootsuite

If a person is a social media guru then this app will help them out. This app allows a person to schedule all their social media posts. This means the status or photo will be posted at a certain time. Multiple posts can be set up to be sent out at once. It also tells a person the best time to post because of the higher traffic on social media at that time.

7. TripIt

Everyone thinks traveling is great but the process of preparing and getting to travel is pretty stressful and a big hassle. Dealing with boarding passes and itineraries can become a pain. The TripIt app will take everything that is needed to travel and put it in one spot. This makes it easy to travel. Plus, it also has reminders and everything is there at the push of a button.

8. PocketCast

Many people in today’s society are involved with podcasts. These are a great way to entertain, listen, and learn while on the go. Plus, podcasts are also available in many different formats. PocketCast is an app that has a huge selection of podcasts and the ability to download them, subscribe to them, delete them, and save to watch later.


While on the go you may use mobile date to power these apps, however, if you are at home, you should be using Wi-Fi.