Best Apps for Travel

Travelling has always been such an exciting activity. But surely, you do need a few apps to help you on your way.
Whether it is just for taking photos, reading something along the way, or a survival guide, I have you covered. With these apps that you just have to have on your travels, you will certainly have the time of your life.
So, without further ado, let’s give a look at the 10 apps perfect for travel

1. SAS Survival Guide

This app will help you survive any situation anywhere in the world!
If you need a Morse code all of a sudden, or if you need to test your skills before you head to that trip, this app has all that you might need.
If you know that you will be wandering off through the woods, or anywhere where there are no people on every step to help, this app is your best friend that you just have to bring with you.
And, all the skills and tips that it teaches you will not help you only on the travel, but at home too.
Of course, you might have already booked a nice hotel, but why not be safe!?

2. LoungeBuddy

Do you have some time to kill before your flight but not enough to go into just a bit more of sightseeing?
This app will help you find the perfect place.
With it, you will be able to find more than 170 lounges around the world that work on a pay-by-use basis. All you have to do is find the one that you want to use and book it!

3. TripIt

This is a fantastic app for all of those whose trips include several hotels or flights. And those who might not be able to track them all.
All you have to do with this app is let is access your email address and see the booking confirmation codes, and it will make a simple and easy to follow itinerary with all the maps you need.

4. XE

Once you get on a trip, you certainly do not want to think of one thing – mathematics!
But, if you have to turn one currency into another, you will have to.
Thankfully, XE app can help you change the Vietnamese dong or Cambodian riel to dollars, euros, pounds or any other currency that you are used to.
Lifesaver! And, well, wallet saver also.

5. AroundMe

AroundMe is yet another fantastic app that will help you find your way in a new place.
Sometimes it just happens so that you need a bank, gas station, hospital or even a movie theater, but you have no idea where to head to!
No worries! With the AroundMe app, you will know exactly where you are and where are the nearest services that you might need.

6. Yuggler

For all the Moms and Dads travelling with their little ones, Yuggler is a thing to have!
This app lets you discover all those magnificent, children friendly places near you that will let the little ones have superb fun!
What is even better is the fact that this app has many filters that let you find things to do and places that are suitable for your children’s age and their interests. Even better, you can see the photos and tips from other parents that visited the places in the matter.

7. momondo places

Momondo places has a vast number of off-line maps that you can use anytime and anywhere.
This app makes discovering new cities so enjoyable and so easy that you won’t be able to believe it! With all of the secret tips that this app has stored in for you, you will be able to find just what you want.
There is an interesting thing – color codes!
Color codes help you apply your mood to the places you are visiting and find the perfect romantic, family, cultural, social, and so many more things that you might want to see at the right moment.

8. First aid

Better safe than sorry!
We all hope that you will never ever have to open this app, but just in case! It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
Let us say that this is the official app of the American Red Cross, and it puts so many profession pieces of advice and tips right in your pocket.
Accidents happen, and the step-by-step advice that the app offers will give you so much security that you will feel safer just by having it installed on your phone.

9. MAPS . ME

We can all agree that the feeling of being lost is not something that we wish upon anyone and anytime. Especially for ourselves and when we are in a new city.
So, MAPS.ME is a fantastic app that gives you an uncountable number of off-line maps that you can use anywhere and anytime.
Just, dear travellers, remember to download the maps you need before your next adventure starts!

10. Touchnote

Do you want to send a postcard? But you do not want to use one of those postcards that everyone uses?
If you want to be imaginative but still old fashioned, the Touchnote is the right app for you!
It lets you choose your favorite photo, add some text to it and send it to the address you want.

11. Flush – toilet finder

And the problem that we all dread – having to go, but not having where!
No more worries! With Flush, all you have to do is turn on your GPS, and it will lead you to the closest public toilet!
These were some useful apps that you just need to have when you head to your next adventure.
Make sure to download them and be ready for everything!