Google Search Tips

As we know, Google is a popular search platform. In fact, millions of people use Google daily for many reasons. Students are likely to use it for school and businesses are using it for research. While many use it for educational purposes, a lot of its users use Google for entertainment purposes. However, many people are not using it to its full potential.
Google has ways that it can work more efficiently and you can get the results that you want quicker. Let us take a look at a few tips to help you find what you are looking for in a better fashion.

1. Use Tabs

Many people do not realize that there are tabs in the Google platform itself. These tabs are located on top of the Google search bar. These tabs include Image, Web, News, and More. These tabs will help define the search you are performing.
For example, if you are looking for specific pictures, click the Image tab. If you are looking for a news article, press the News tab. It is highly recommended that if you do not use these tabs that you start. It often times can cut search times dramatically.

2. Use Quotes

When you are looking for something specific on Google, you may want to consider using quotes. This helps take the guessing out of Google. When a search is put in quotes it searches for the whole phrase as it is typed.
For example, if you type in Red Prom Dresses in the search bar, it will search for any websites or content that contains these three words in any specific order. However, if you put “Red Prom Dresses” in the search bar it will only search for websites or content that has those specific words in that specific order. This keeps the search easy for you and easier for Google.

3. Use Hyphens to Exclude Words

Sometimes when searching Google, you use words that could bring up different meanings. For example, the Mustang. If you type this in the search bar you are likely going to get both results for the car as well as the horse. If you are wanting something specific, use a hyphen to clarify your search. This tells Google to ignore one or the other.
For example, search Mustang- Horse. This will tell Google to search for the mustang but to exclude any results with the word horse. It will be helpful to display only the horse mustang and not the car. It is very useful when you need to find certain information.

4. Use a Colon

Sometimes when you search Google you want to search for specific articles that are on a certain site. This means that you need to use a colon.
For example, Kim Kardashian would be used to find any articles about Kim Kardashian on the insider website.
This will allow Google to only search the insider website for information about Kim Kardashian. This will remove all other search results.

5. Pages that Link to Another Page

This tip is a little confusing but very helpful. When using this tip, you are not searching for a specific page but for a page that links to a specific page.
Here’s an example, if you wanted to see who had used their website to site your work you would use this. If you wanted to see who has cited an article from the New York Times on their personal website, use the trick below to find all sites that are linked to the NYT.
This will show you all the links that are linked back to the NYT official website. The URL on the other side of the word link can be any URL out there. The more specific you make this search the fewer results you will find. This can be helpful for people who are writers and editors.