Hacks to Make Smartphone Last Longer

While most of us do not have a smartphone that is older than a few years, it is different for those who are traveling. Many people are still using the older versions of smartphones and that is perfectly fine. However, if this is you, you may want a few tips on how to keep your older smartphone running fast. Plus, you need to ensure that the battery is not dying quickly or the phone is not slowing down. Once this happens, a smartphone is pretty much useless.
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1. Delete Unneeded Material

Many older smartphones have limited storage space. In fact, up until the newer releases there were only 8 GB of storage space. This is not a lot of space once you download any apps that are needed such as maps or even a few photos. Plus, once you have less than 500 MB of space free the phone becomes slow. This can cause apps to crash and not update. Not to mention, it can cause issues with photos being saved.
There are a few things you can do to help prevent this problem such as removing apps that are never used. Plus, remove the large apps on the phone if at all possible. If you notice an app is taking up a lot of space, remove it and reinstall it. This can actually help clear up space on the phone.
You should also delete any videos or music that are not needed. Photos should be deleted if they are not important as well. This is one of the biggest places that is going to take up storage on your phone. You may not realize it but those few songs you have may be slowing down your phone.

2. Add More Storage Space

There is always going to be a limit as to how much you can remove from your phone without it being useless. This is especially true if you use the camera a lot. You will always find yourself deleting something but there never seems to be any more room.
With today’s technology, there are ways to add more storage to your phones. It is not as convenient as having a phone with more storage but it is useful for getting your phone back up to par.
Android phones use microSD cards that can be located inside the phone either on the back cover or by the SIM card. Your phone may already have one you just don’t know it, otherwise, you can purchase these fairly cheap.
People who use iPhones are going to have access to the cloud and many other options. iPhone storage is going to be a little more expensive than an Android but it is worth it. Plus, it will still be cheaper than buying a new phone.
Lastly, all owners of smartphones can use wireless items. This could include Google Drive, iCloud, or even the Dropbox.

3. Improve Battery Life

One of the most common complaints is that a battery is dying too fast. Keep in mind that after a few years of use, it is very common to only get half the charge of a new phone. You should also note that the newer operating systems, as well as extra apps, are going to drain a battery a lot faster.
There is not a major way to improve battery life, but there are a few smaller suggestions that might help. You can turn down the brightness of the phone screen to help save battery. You can also uninstall apps that are not being used or even ones that just sit there. You would be amazed at how much battery life a background app can use. Lastly, turn off your location settings when you are not using GPS. Your GPS can use a lot of battery and your location alone will drain the battery life.
Now that you are a whiz at restoring the life of your old smartphone, you’ll never need a new phone again. Well, maybe, but follow these few tips and you’ll be on your way to saving money!