How to Clean Gadgets On Your Desk

When it comes to cleaning it is simply no fun and is a hassle every time. Now, when it comes to cleaning electronics and gadgets located on a desk, it is simply painful to do so. Many people find this a problem because they do not know how to clean these things or what will damage them.
When cleaning a desk, it is important that these few simple tips are followed. These tips can make life a lot easier and cleaning not such a chore.

Clean the Monitor

The first thing that should be done is cleaning the computer monitor. Before starting this, turn the computer off or shut it down. Then, wipe the screen. Soft clothes that are clean can be used as well as a damp tissue. Do not use any cleaning materials or sprays on the monitor as it can cause damage.
The monitor’s exterior can be cleaned as well. For this, use a damp cloth that has been sprayed with a cleaner such as Windex. Keep in mind, never spray the cleaner directly on the computer as it will cause damage.

Clean the Mouse

To clean the mouse, first, the mouse must be unplugged. Once this is done, unscrew the bottom removing the ball. Use a bottle of compressed air to blow away the dust inside the mouse. Then, simply wipe the ball as well as the interior. Make sure to get around the rollers. Q-tips can be dipped in alcohol for this. Before putting together, allow a little time for the ball to dry completely.
If a person does not allow time for the ball to dry, they may experience trouble with the mouse. It may not work properly or it may, in fact, start to mold on the inside without any knowledge.

Clean the Keyboard

Before cleaning the keyboard ensure that it is disconnected. Then simply turn it upside down and shake gently. Use compressed air to help clean between the keys. Q-tops dipped in rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the keys as well. Using a mild cleaner on a cloth is also a good alternative. It is important to be gentle when cleaning the keyboard.

Clean the Wi-Fi Router

When it comes to cleaning the Wi-Fi materials it is important that you safely and properly disconnect the items. Once fully and properly disconnected, cleaning can start. Simply use an all-purpose cleaner that is mild and spray it on a soft cloth to dampen it. Once this is done, simply wipe down. Q-tips can be used to get around smaller areas.

Keeping it Cleaner, Longer

There are many gadgets out there that will help keep the desk area cleaner for a longer period of time. There are also many gadgets that are easier to clean than others.
 For example, it is difficult to clean Wi-Fi items because they have many antennas and buttons. If this is a problem, the WIFI Surge would be better to clean than a normal Wi-Fi extender. This extender has no antennas and is smaller so it doesn’t take up as much space. Not to mention, this product is flat and easy to clean for future purposes.
Another example would be if a person eats or drinks by the keyboard. There is a plastic guard that can be placed over the keyboard. This guard is clear and can be used and then reused. This guard only needs to be taken off when it needs to be cleaned.
Cleaning a desk and the gadgets on a desk does not have to be hard, in fact, it can be made easier with certain products that are on the market. Desks, as everyone knows, are a highly trafficked area that needs to be cleaned periodically and disinfected.
Doing this is a hard chore for many people because they simply do not know how to clean the items properly and safely. Now, with these useful tips, a person will be able to clean the items properly and with ease.
When it comes to cleaning work smarter, not harder. Hopefully these tips help you speed up the process.