How To Clean Your Cell Phone

Many people in the United States and all over the world are relying more and more on their smartphones. This is why it should be no surprise that these handy devices are smothered in bacteria. There have been some studies done over the past few years that all yielded the same results.
The results concluded that a phone is essentially a breeding ground for germs. In fact, a phone is actually dirtier than a toilet seat. Now, do not freak out. There are ways to help prevent getting these many germs on a phone and ways to clean the phone.

1. Keep the Phone out of the Bathroom

Not taking a phone into the bathroom will help stop bacteria build up. It should never be in the bathroom under any circumstance. With this being said, according to studies, about 75 percent of Americans bring their phone into the bathroom while using it.
Now even if a person washes their hands, the germs are still going to be on that phone. So just keep exposure to the bathroom down to none.

2. Keep Microfiber Handy

Many phones will come with a microfiber cloth. With this being said, this cloth usually ends up in the garbage or lost, either way, it is useless now. If one cannot be found, simply go to the nearest drug store, they have them. If a person has glasses, the cloth that comes with the glasses is also microfiber and can be used as well.
The microfiber cloth will help remove oils and smudges, as well as fingerprints without leaving scratches. Keeping the screen clean and wiping it down often will help reduce the number of bacteria located on the phone. However, it will not completely disinfect the phone so other steps may be necessary.

3. Use Alcohol and Water to Disinfect

While using a microfiber cloth will help the problem, it won’t completely deep clean it as it should be. People sneeze on their phones and cough on them and that calls for more than a microfiber cloth cleansing. This calls for the big guns.
Warning: Before putting any liquid onto a device, keep in mind that Apple and other manufacturers warn against using anything other than a microfiber cloth. Continue with caution.
There are certain wipes that can be purchased to disinfect a phone or a person can make their own. Using rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol along with distilled water is a great way to kill bacteria. With this mixture simply put it in a spray bottle and wet the microfiber cloth. If there are tighter areas on the phone use foam swabs with this mixture on it.

4. Consider the Case

Cases are a great investment for a phone because it provides protection, but it also is carrying a lot of germs as well. For better protection from bacteria, use what is called an antimicrobial cover. This helps to eliminate bacteria from entering the phone. These cases are colorful and fit almost any phone. No need to worry about a boring case.

5. The Ultimate Germ Killer

There is a certain thing that a person can buy which will kill 99.9 percent of germs on the phone and can even charge the phone at the same time. This product is known as the PhoneSoap 2.0. It uses UV-C light to kill the bacteria on a phone. It only takes 10 minutes to use.
This device can also kill bacteria on anything else that is under a phone’s size which would include credit cards and even watches. It is the most expensive way to keep a phone as clean as possible, however, it is a small price to pay when it comes to having a clean phone.
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