Internet Benefits | How It Help Families Connect

The internet is a huge part of today’s society. It is important that you see the internet as a good thing despite all the negative issues it can bring upon us. You need to note that the internet can bring a lot of positivity to your family and your daily lives.
The internet is full of many dangers and issues, however, if you are properly protecting your Internet and monitoring what your children are doing while using the internet, there should be no problems. In fact, if you are really concerned there are many parental controls and apps you can get that will allow you to monitor your child’s actions on the internet more closely.
You may be thinking that the internet causes us to be disassociated with our families and it may be harming the minds of our children. However, according to studies, this may actually be the complete opposite. According to these studies, the internet is bringing families closer than those who do not use the internet. This does include mobile phones as well.

Video Calling  

When we hear long distance, it can be a break in the heart especially since we want to see family and talk to them more often. When relatives live farther away it is harder to do, or is it? This is where the internet is helping connect families.
Video calling is extremely useful for distant relatives that you are wanting to see and speak to. This is especially true for college students and their parents. When a child is away at college sometimes a phone call isn’t enough, parents want to see their child so video calling is a plus. Not to mention, it is easy to use for all ages.
To use video calling is very simple, all you need is a device and internet. You can even use smart TV’s to make video calls with today’s technology. Video calling allows us to be face-to-face with our loved ones so we can feel more connected as a family.

Social Media

Many people today are connected on social media and follow friends and family through there. When you have social media, your possibilities are endless. You can share pictures, videos, and update your status to let everyone know how you are doing. Doing this keeps families in touch and up to date as to what their loved ones are doing.
Facebook and Twitter are huge for families because when a loved one shares something everyone in the family can see it, even those family members you do not really talk to. This keeps everyone you know up to date as to your success and your life goals.
Snapchat is a huge influence that is helping keep families closer. In fact, many military members are able to use this app to talk to people back at home when they are deployed to let them know they are okay and what is going on.
When using social media, you are also able to instant message your loved ones for free. Free messaging is always a plus because not everyone can afford to have a phone or can afford the bill a certain month. Another benefit of social media is real time updates. Many platforms have a live streaming feature that allows you to update people in real-time of your adventures.


There are a few benefits of using social media over other devices. One of the most commonly talked about one is using the internet over your phone data and text messages. When you use your phone you are using up messages and talk time as well as your cellular data.
Why use up all this when you can talk on social media for free and keep families and close friends up to date in real time without any cost. All you need is the internet. The internet is full of many useful features to help bring families close and save you money in the long run.


While there are many dangers of the internet, you can prevent you and your child from ever having to deal with these dangers with close monitoring and parental controls. This will help you put your mind at rest and keep you happy with your social interactions for free.
While there are many ways to stay in contact with family members, the best way is through free platforms that are provided by the internet. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, and other free platforms. Many of these platforms are easy to use for all ages.
Because they are easy to use, everyone in your family can sign up and use these with no cost. Then they are connected to your family and what you are doing in real time. Being able to see your loved one's updates even if you do not talk to them all the time is always nice. Seeing pictures and videos of their adventures makes you know that they are doing good and happy.
So, if you are hesitant about using the internet to help keep your family closer, keep all these factors in mind.