Online Gaming | How To Protect Your Kids

Online gaming has been becoming more popular as time progresses. Especially for children. It is a parent's responsibility to ensure their children know how to stay safe online and that you, the parent, are doing everything you can to help keep them safe.

1. Your Rules or No Game

It is important that children know the rules of gaming online and that if they do not follow them, they will be punished. If the rules are not followed the way you set them down, they will lose gaming privileges for a certain amount of time.
Ensure that your child knows that everything they do online is going to be monitored. You are able to monitor their online sessions and even their messages.

2. Play Together

If you do not have two consoles, you can still sit with your child and participate in the game even if it is not multiplayer. Sitting down and asking questions will help. This will also give the parent an opportunity to show how to behave online.
During this time, you should allow the child to play online with other players but if it gets out of hand then you can talk about why it was bad and what went wrong. Teach them what to do in a certain situation and how to handle it if you were not present.
If you do have a second console then play together. You can invite your friends and your child can invite theirs. It is a great bonding and learning opportunity for both child and parents.

3. Young Children can Only Play with People You Know

Young children know about stranger danger and it should be applied while playing online. Many people on the internet are not kid-friendly. Plus, while your child is not in immediate danger while online, younger children do not know good actions from bad actions.
For protection, ensure that you are able to listen in on any chats that may be going on. You should treat online gaming sessions like a playdate to ensure safety. If you start to notice anything going south with the conversation or game, you can talk to your child on what happened and why this is not a good friend to play with.

4. Turn Off Voice Chat for Multiplayer Games

When your child is playing multiplayer games, it is a good idea for the child and even adults to opt out of chatting with random people. This is because anyone of any age could be talking on the other end without anyone else’s knowledge. When voice chat is turned off it keeps the bulk of it at bay. Also, it is important to state that many people online are bullies and can hurt them.

5. Know the Difference

It is important that your child knows what inappropriate behavior, harmful language, and good behavior are. Many online gamers use foul language and children learn it from hearing it being said. If this behavior goes unnoticed or monitored this language can be a daily part of the child’s life. It is harder to undo something than it is to prevent it.
The internet is everyone’s playground. You do not know who is on the other end. Plus, you cannot count on strangers no matter what their age to help keep the child in a clean environment. It is important that your child knows what is inappropriate and what is considered harmful language.


Many people who have consoles and computers are gaming online. This means they need a fast and reliable internet. Plus, the parents will also need this to keep track of what their child is doing on their gaming sessions. If you notice slow internet or gaps in service you need our WiFi Surge. It’s a breakthrough range extender that will ensure the home does not have any slow or dead spots. This helps gamers continue to game and parents are able to monitor their sessions with ease.